Our venues

Perfect events, selected taste, unusual experiences. We are setting the field for memorable experiences!

Lobster Family restaurant

A cosy piece of Italy in the midst of Olomouc. Be it lunch or dinner, we offer a serene family environment with top class service. Among the offers: pizza, pasta, fresh fish, lobster.

Bistro Helen

An inspirational venue, original home-made products in each cuisine, daily over-the-counter assortment of fresh sandwiches and desserts. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Bistro Paulus

A new project by the Michelin-star chef Roman Paulus. Located in the foyer of the newest and modern office building in Olomouc – the Envelopa Office Center. Experience the subtle design elegance from the few dominant interior elements.

Helen Soul

A serene private nook with its very own soul-satisfying atmosphere, ideal for private family events or company events. And all of this with original and sumptuous food from Bistro Helen.

Paulus Catering

A unique catering concept for individual events. Have fun in the company of our Michelin- star chef Roman Paulus and his great team.

Meat in a Bun

Mobile street food on the wheels, that should be part of every cool party or festival. Low & slow BBQ style, pit smoker, pulled meat, home made fries.

Frančesko Food truck

Original Neapolitan wooden pizza oven on wheels. An original concept that can be the high point of any event.

Bowland bowling center

18 lanes, most modern technology, kid-friendly side rails, one-meter-long pizzas on offer!

Château Escot

A vinery in Bordeaux, in the Medoc region. Since 1858 with Cru Burgeois certification. You can taste these wines also in the Czech Republic.

Fort Escot

The right place for your memorable experiences. A military fortress transformed into a venue for private events – weddings, concerts, company, or family events.